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BioBay Preservation

Mark Martin and Airamzul Cabral Guadalupe, microscopist – investigator for the VCHT.  Her part time position is made possible by the Donativos Legislativos grant that was awarded to the Trust by the PR Senate and House of Representatives to do the dinoflagellate count.

BioBay news update May 2015

  Melissa Carter from Scripps Institution of Oceanography visited the Trust from April 24th through May 2nd to train our project staff, DNER technicians, local college students and even a marine biologist and the head of a local conservation group from St. Croix how to recognize and count dinoflagellates with our new microscope. The new […]

9 Junio – Informe sobre la Bahia Bioluminiscente – Mark Martin

Saludos a todos los amigos y admiradores de la Bahía Bioluminiscente de Puerto Mosquito, nuestra gran bahía en Vieques, Durante las últimas semanas han tomado lugar algunos sucesos relacionados a nuestra bahía y estos han dado lugar a conversaciones, discusiones públicas en Radio Vieques y otros desarrollos. Me gustaría informarles tanto a nuestros miembros como […]

June 9th – Bioluminescent Bay Report – Mark Martin

Greetings to all the friends of the bay Over the last several weeks, there have been some very interesting and important developments surrounding the current situation in the bioluminescent bay. We’d like to take this opportunity to report to our members, and to all those concerned about the future of Puerto Mosquito, as to the […]

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BioBay in the News

El Nuevo Dia: Fin a restricciones en la bahía bioluminiscente de Vieques

http://www.elnuevodia.com/finarestriccionesenlabahiabioluminiscentedevieques-1826392.html 1 de agosto de 2014 8:26 p.m.Calidad de vida Fin a restricciones en la bahía bioluminiscente de Vieques Mañana se pone fin a la moratoria que ha limitado acceso a la bahía Por Agencia EFE Las restricciones que durante meses limitaron el acceso a la Bahía Bioluminiscente de Mosquito, situada en la pequeña isla […]

The Guardian, July 17th issue/The Guardian, edición del 17 Julio

Here is an interesting article from the July 17th issue of The Guardian. It talks about the possible relationship between climate change and the bioluminescent bay. The author quotes Dr Michael Latz, a researcher with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and one of the scientists that has been working with the VCHT for several years […]

Symposium on Bioluminescence

The First Symposium on Bioluminescence in Puerto Rico, a huge undertaking sponsored by the Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust, attracted more than 240 registrations, and filled the Multiple Use Centre in Isabel Segunda to capacity for the two-day conference held on October 9-10, 2009.

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Meet Aki

Meet Aki VCHT’s new intern from Wellesley and learn of her experience in the Trust trough her blog akienvieques.tumblr.com

Appeal Letter VCHT June 2015-2

Manta 2015!!!

    01-Solicitud Mini Manta 20150 2-Solicitud Manta Raya 2015 03-Solicitud Manta 2015

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Escuela Barbosa


Escuela Barbosa Casa Abierta

The Municipality of Vieques has signed a usufruct agreement with the Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust transferring the use of the abandoned school ‘Escuela Barbosa’ to the Trust.  The site will house an electronic library, and will provide informal training for children and adults. It will also be used as a scientific research station — […]

Presentacion Escuela Barbosa

To see Executive Director, Lirio’s Marquez D’Acunti’s presentation of the project, go to the following link: Presentación_Escuela Barbosa v3  

Escuela Barbosa

The Trust has recently signed a usufruct agreement with the Municipality of Vieques giving VCHT the use of the Escuela Barbosa — an unused school property in Puerto Real.  Escuela Barbosa is ideal for the kind of work the Trust does i.e. education. Escuela Barbosa will make it possible to expand the number of participants […]

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VCHT Sighting Survey

Have you spotted a plant or animal lately? Tell the Trust through this quick survey! Your responses will be directly added to our database of flora and fauna sightings by Vieques locals and visitors as part of a biological survey of the health of the Vieques ecosystem. Thanks for your help! VCHT Sighting Survey  

Mantastic Snorkeling 2014

  Check out what Ari Tobias, one of our Mantastic students, has to say about an incredible find on one of our snorkeling expeditions! Ver lo que Ari Tobias, uno de nuestros estudiantes de Mantastic, dice sobre una sorpresa que vio durante snorkeling!

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VCHT Volunteer News


Richard and Peggy Puffer

    Long time Vieques winter residents and birding enthusiasts Richard and Peggy Puffer live in La Llave where the birding is excellent For the past several years, they have graciously volunteered to lead monthly bird walks for the Trust.  Intrepid birders, Richard and Peggy have birded around the world, particularly in Central and South […]

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Special Announcements

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Signs Agreement with UNINI/ Firma Convenio con UNINI

Left: Dr. José Enrique Valentín Mercado, Rector of the International University Iberoamerican, UNINI Center: Lirio Márquez D’Acunti, Executive Director of Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust Right: Dr. María del Carmen Rivera Rivas, Dean of Student Affairs UNINI, representing the Iberoamerican University Foundation, FUNIBER The three institutions signed an agreement to promote the exchange of researchers […]

A Pollution Fight Powered by Bioluminescent Sea Creatures – NYTimes.com

Science Illuminating the Perils of Pollution, Nature’s Way By ERIK OLSEN Published: December 19, 2011 Edith Widder has spent a career studying sea creatures with the ability to make light — bioluminescence. Now she is using the phenomenon to fight pollution. Click here to read this article:

Puerto Ferro Man Archeological Site

Archaeologist Luis Chanlatte, Center for Archaeological Investigation at UPR/Río Piedras, will be with us at the Puerto Ferro Man Archaeological Site this Saturday to speak about the cultural and scientific importance of the findings at this place. In 1991, Chanlatte and colleague, Arq. Yvonne Narganes, found the skeletal remains of a man who lived there […]

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