VCHT Scholarship Program


The VCHT Scholarship program is designed to help Viequense students attend a post secondary educational institution. The scholarship is available to students attending university or college, whether in a four-year bachelor program or a shorter vocational program. The student should demonstrate an interest in following a course of study that relates in some way to the goals of the VCHT. We do not want to be too specific in defining the course requirements because any course that helped the students support our broad objectives would be appropriate.

Currently there are four new scholarships awarded each year:
two are general scholarships and one is intended for a student who wants to become a doctor or pursue studies in the sciences. A fourth is intended for students pursuing a degree in environmental science. The scholarships are for the amount of $1000 per year while the student is at the college or university. They will retain the scholarship, providing they have good grades, for the duration of their studies, so the value of the scholarship could be $4000 or more in the case of someone studying to become a physician.

The selection process begins with the student’s application — a very detailed portfolio of their educational and community activities and accomplishments. A five-person committee, one of whom is a Board member of VCHT, screens the applications. All applicants are invited for a personal interview with members of the Committee. The committee is composed of respected leaders of the community.


Barbara Hyland provided the initial funding for the Project. Since then we have received support from a number of individuals, including substantial grants from Haydée Piñero Buck. A second scholarship was set up in 2006 following an anonymous pledge for $1000 per year in perpetuity. A third scholarship was added in 2007. A fourth scholarship was set up in 2008.


The members of the scholarship committee are:

  • Barbara Hyland, President VCHT
  • Gilda Pimentel, Direction of Education
  • Colleen McNamara, Secretary of the VCHT Board of Directors
  • Mark Martin Bras, Director of Community Relations of the VCHT
  • Brendymar Cruz Torres, former MANTA participant and scholarship winner


Applications are available through the High School in Vieques or from the VCHT office.


Download the VCHT Scholarship Application Form


Este programa de becas está dirigido a aquellos estudiantes sobresalientes de escuela superior que viven en Vieques y que comenzarán estudios universitarios o de colegio durante el semestre escolar 2011-2012.

Las becas son por la cantidad de $1000 cada una y se concederán por cuatro (4) años para cursar estudios en una institución postsecundaria acreditada.  Se entregará la mitad ($500) el primer semestre y la otra mitad ($500) durante el segundo semestre.  Una de las becas es para estudiar una carrera relacionada con ciencias, matemáticas o conservación del ambiente.

El proceso de selección de los candidatos estará en manos del Comité Evaluador y la selección final de los ganadores de las becas se llevará a cabo en Vieques.  El comité evaluador hará una pre-selección de los candidatos y luego se llevarán a cabo entrevistas de los solicitantes pre-seleccionados.  Los candidatos serán notificados vía telefónica.