Escuela Barbosa

The Trust has recently signed a usufruct agreement with the Municipality of Vieques giving VCHT the use of the Escuela Barbosa — an unused school property in Puerto Real.  Escuela Barbosa is ideal for the kind of work the Trust does i.e. education.

  • Escuela Barbosa will make it possible to expand the number of participants in the Trust’s award winning MANTA programs that are now constrained by lack of space.
  • It has space for a much-needed electronic library open to everyone in the community and for new training opportunities for the benefit of Viequense children, youth and adults.
  • It has space for a research station that will attract researchers and students from Puerto Rico, other islands, and other countries and will promote science education, which will in turn  lead to jobs for Viequenses.
  • It can be a demonstration of a “green building” that recycles waste water and alternative energy sources.
  • It has space for demonstrations of sustainable agriculture.

The Trust will be holding meetings during the next few months to gather input from the community for future uses of the property.

A joint VCHT and Muncipality event  is  scheduled for  April 17th at 3 pm at  Escuela Barbosa.  Please join us for a tour.


To see Executive Director, Lirio’s Marquez D’Acunti’s presentation of the project, go to the following links

Presentación_Escuela Barbosa v4

This link will be live until April 28, 2012.

Funds for renovations of Escuela Barbosa will be separate from the Trust’s regular budget