VCHT-DNER-Garnier agreement for the production of educational materials about Puerto Mosquito

Mark giving the educational material to Shelin Silva director of Turism Office in Vieques.

Last year Garnier held a fundraising campaign called “Don’t let the lights go off in our bays” through the sale of luminescent bracelets in Sams and Walmart stores.
This campaign funded a spectacular educational brochure about Puerto Mosquito bioluminescent bay through a Cooperative Agreement between the Vieques Conservation Trust and the Department of Natural and Environmental and Natural Resources. The brochure, produced by the Trust, provides plenty of information about the bay, about its flora and fauna, about on the organisms that generate bioluminescence, and includes recommendations on how we all can contribute to its conservation. The funds were also used to produce another educational brochure on light pollution and how it affects people and wildlife in Vieques. This piece includes simple steps everyone can take to lessen its impact.
Both pieces, produced in English and Spanish are already being distributed in the community, and will be available to visitors to our world-class natural wonder.