Vieques Flora & Fauna Sightings Report


Residents and island visitors report of creature sightings to the VCHT.


Sample Form:

December 2006

Name Description Location Identified By
Name Description Location
Smooth Billed Ani Mosquito Pier Capt. Mark Martin
Shortear Owl injured wing Monte Carmelo Recovery by Eric Bermúdez, DNR
Caribbean Fishing Bat Mosquito Bay Héctor “Sharky” Miró
Osprey with fish Airport Geigel
Falcon (unidentified) hunting egrets Sun Bay Beach Anthony Civilillo
Geminoid Meteor Shower Incredible, December 14, 2006 Stargazers
Octopus Captured and released VCHT
12 Foot Hammerhead Shark 1 mile out South of Esperanza Divers Nan-sea Charters
2 Dolphins, mother and calf Puerto Real Bay, Esperanza Michael Martin, Abe’s Snorkelin
Sirius Brightest star in night sky Eastern Sky December

November 2006

Name Description Location Identified By
Gray Catbird first confirmed record Puero Ferro Daphne Gemmill
Yellow-throated Vireo Mt. Pirata Daphne Gemmill
Common Snipe This bird is an uncommon visitor to Puerto Rico Navy Headquarters lagoon Daphne Gemmill
69 Adelaide’s Warblers, 33 Northern Parulas, 27 Northern Waterthrushes,18 American Redstarts, 11 Prairie Warblers, 6 Black-and-White Warblers, and 5 Ovenbirds Daphne Gemmill
2 Magnolia, 1 Black & White,  1 Hooded,1 Prairie, 2 Northern Parula, 2 Yellow, and 4 Adelaide’s Warblers together with 2 American Redstarts, 1 Northern Waterthrush, and 1 Ovenbird. Magnolia, Hooded, and Prothonotary Warblers are uncommon in Puerto Rico with fewer than 5 records for each species on Vieques Puerto Ferro Daphne Gemmill
Prothonotary Warbler Puerto Mosquito Daphne Gemmill
American Coot Pond at Rt 997/4.7km Daphne Gemmill
69 Barn Swallows former Navy Headquarters Daphne Gemmill
flock of 600+ shorebirds indicates the importance of Vieques as wintering shorebird habitat for the Caribbean Laguna Sombe Daphne Gemmill
6 Short-billed Dowitchers Playa Grande Daphne Gemmill
White-cheeked Pintail Laguna Sombe Daphne Gemmill
3 Bridle Quail Doves Mt. Pirata Daphne Gemmill
3 dolphins Mother & off-springs Outward Key Sailboat Marauder- Mimi & Joe Popp and Lisa Olivia
Spotted Eagle Ray Blue Caribe Kayaks
Turtle Hawksbill Blue Caribe Kayaks
Bat Colony West End bunkers Tourists
Manatee Sun Bay Beach Department of Natural Resources
Meteor Shower & Mercurian Eclipse The Skywatchers
Big Shrimp Mosquito Pier Haley

October 2006

Name Description Location Identified By
Manatees (5) 2 to 3 youngsters and 2 adults Mosquito Pier area- Appx. 1:00-1:30 pm Mimi & Joe Popp y Lisa Olivia
Adult Manattee Cayo Afuera area Eric Bermúdez-DNR
Injured baby turtle Sunbay Beach Carolina-Tourist                (Notified to DNR)

August 2006

Name Description Location Identified By
Tropical Storm Chris August 1st 8:00 am 34 kts Sustained Mov.  WNW 7 kts 16.8 N Lat  59.8 W Lon
Juvenile Blackhip Shark Aprox. 2 feet long Coral Reef in front of Puerto Mosquito 2nd. Mate Héctor, Luminosa II
Caribbean Fishing Bats (2) Puerto Mosquito 1st. Mate, Luis, Luminosa II
Glow Worms Puerto Mosquito Luminosa II

July 2006

“Matabuey” plant-Settlement Endangered species Urbana Creek-Vieques
Hawksbill Turtle (2) sighted daily In front of Malecon, Esperanza Manuel Casas
Dolphins (2) Puerto Real Bay Local kids and tourists
Puerto Rican Hummingbird bird enthusiast
Red Tail Hawk bird enthusiast
Puerto Rican Woodpecker bird enthusiast
Mangrove Cuckoo bird enthusiast
King Fisher bird enthusiast

June 2006

Name Description Location Identified By
Adult Leatherback Appx. 5 feet Sunbay (daytime sighting) Maurader boat
Adult Manatee Aereal sighting Causeway Mosquito Pier Sarah Cook
Caribbean Fishing Bat Mosquito Bay 1st. Mate Ricky De Jesús Luminosa II
Green Turtle Outward Key Blue Caribe Kayaks
Hawksbill Turtle Nest (2) Navío Beach
Leatherback Turtle Nest (1) Navío Beach

May 2006

Name Description Location Identified By
Hawksbill Turtle Nest (2) Sunbay Beach
Leatherback Turtle Nest (1) Navío Beach