Mission & Vision Statements


Mission Statement

The mission of the Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust (VCHT) is to foster, protect and conserve the environmental, archaeological and cultural resources of Vieques, Puerto Rico. One of the primary goals is to preserve and study the bioluminescent bays found on the island. The VCHT supports a broad array of educational programs for the community, with a special focus on children, through lectures, educational exhibits, seminars, summer programs, publications, computer resources and a unique Vieques scholarship program.


Vision Statement

VCHT is committed to supporting the people, the archaeology and the physical environment of Vieques, by honoring its history, ecology and culture through education and research.

To support the people of Vieques, the VCHT will:

  • Focus our energy on the needs of Viequenses first, while making visitors aware of our culture and history and unique environment and encouraging them to support our goals.
  • Encourage participation with and by the local community.
  • Continue to be mindful that local residents are primarily Spanish-speaking and all material needs to be bi-lingual.

To demonstrate balanced advocacy, the VCHT will:

  • Build and maintain a reputation for being well grounded in our positions, respectful and trustworthy.
  • Participate actively in the defense of the local environment.

To improve programming about the unique environment, culture and history of Vieques, the VCHT will:

  • Concentrate efforts on our educational mission to create engaging and meaningful programming.

To further develop the organization, the VCHT will:

  • Create and maintain trustworthy fiscal and administration systems and a safe physical environment to support our mission.{mospagebreak}