9 Junio – Informe sobre la Bahia Bioluminiscente – Mark Martin

Saludos a todos los amigos y admiradores de la Bahía Bioluminiscente de Puerto Mosquito, nuestra gran bahía en Vieques, Durante las últimas semanas han tomado lugar algunos sucesos relacionados a nuestra bahía y estos han dado lugar a conversaciones, discusiones públicas en Radio Vieques y otros … [Read more...]

June 9th – Bioluminescent Bay Report – Mark Martin

Greetings to all the friends of the bay Over the last several weeks, there have been some very interesting and important developments surrounding the current situation in the bioluminescent bay. We'd like to take this opportunity to report to our members, and to all those concerned about the … [Read more...]

Foro 31 Mayo, 2014 Presentación de Jorge Fernández Porto, Biólogo – “Marco Legal que Rige en la Bahía Bioluminiscente de Vieques”


Marco Legal que Rige en la Bahía Bioluminiscente de Vieques Jorge Fernández Porto, Biólogo Asesor del Presidente del Senado de Puerto Rico A partir del 1978, luego de la adopción del Programa de Manejo de la Zona Costanera en Puerto Rico, las bahías bioluminiscentes de Puerto Mosquito, Puerto … [Read more...]

Forum May 31, 2014 Presentation by Colleen McNamara….VCHT – Puerto Mosquito: the history

The VCHT was co founded in 1984 by Slim Young and Betty Langhorne, two North Americans with an abiding love for Vieques. Alison Flemer, Bill and Marian Littleford, Ray McNamara and Dr. Barbara Bernache-Baker were early and steadfast supporters. The VCHT was registered as a not for profit … [Read more...]

Bioluminescent Bay Report – Mark Martin Bras

Report from Mark Martin on what is going on in the Bay. May 6 2014 As you may have heard the bioluminescent bay has displayed an apparent decrease in the concentration of bioluminescent dinoflagellates for a period of more than two months. We were the first to react to the situation by reporting … [Read more...]

Foro sobre Bahía Bioluminescente

Information meeting on May 31

Foro bilingüe sobre la Bahía Bioluminiscente Puerto Mosquito. Sábado 31 de mayo. 9am - 1pm. Escuela Superior German Rieckehoff Qué se ha hecho. Qué se está haciendo. Qué falta por hacer. … [Read more...]

Puerto Mosquito Forum

Bilingual forum about Puerto Mosquito Bioluminescent Bay. Saturday May 31 9 - 1 at the German Rieckehoff High School What has been done. What is being done. What needs to be done. … [Read more...]

Video Update on the BioBay Status

Mark Martin reports on the BioBay status. … [Read more...]

Diálogo sobre la Bahía Bioluminiscente y Departamento de Recursos Naturales

dialogo sobre el futuro de la bahia bioluminiscente Puerto Mosquito

[Read more...]

VCHT-DNER-Garnier agreement for the production of educational materials about Puerto Mosquito


Mark giving the educational material to Shelin Silva director of Turism Office in Vieques. Last year Garnier held a fundraising campaign called "Don’t let the lights go off in our bays" through the sale of luminescent bracelets in Sams and Walmart stores. This campaign funded a spectacular … [Read more...]