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The Municipality of Vieques has signed a usufruct agreement with the Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust transferring the use of the abandoned school ‘Escuela Barbosa’ to the Trust.  The site will house an electronic library, and will provide informal training for children and adults. It will also be used as a scientific research station — the first in Vieques.

The VCHT held the first activity at the site, with former teachers, directors and the Mayor in attendance, as well as a group of excited children.  The Municipal Band provided musical entertainment before the more formal presentation given by Executive Director, Lirio Márquez D’Acunti and Mark Martin Bras, Director of Community Relations. They described the project as the “rebirth” of Escuela Barbosa as a community resource. They plan to raise funds to provide an electronic library that will allow Viequenses not only to do research but also to take university and other courses given over the internet. The plans call for a scientific research station that would bring scientists to Vieques to study important current problems such as the effects of global warming on corals or possibly to investigate thebioluminescence in PUerto Mosquito. Part of the plan is to provide new employment for Vieques residents at the site and to help train youth to assist in scientific research.

The VCHT also plans to have a garden at the site where members of the community can brush up their organic gardening skills.

The Mayor of Vieques, Evelyn Delerme Camacho commented that this was an opportunity for Viequenses to work together for a better future for the children of the island

The Trust plans to have activities not only for children but also for adults.

Mucha Anticipación

Audience listening to the presentation

Escuela Barbosa

The Trust has recently signed a usufruct agreement with the Municipality of Vieques giving VCHT the use of the Escuela Barbosa — an unused school property in Puerto Real.  Escuela Barbosa is ideal for the kind of work the Trust does i.e. education.

  • Escuela Barbosa will make it possible to expand the number of participants in the Trust’s award winning MANTA programs that are now constrained by lack of space.
  • It has space for a much-needed electronic library open to everyone in the community and for new training opportunities for the benefit of Viequense children, youth and adults.
  • It has space for a research station that will attract researchers and students from Puerto Rico, other islands, and other countries and will promote science education, which will in turn  lead to jobs for Viequenses.
  • It can be a demonstration of a “green building” that recycles waste water and alternative energy sources.
  • It has space for demonstrations of sustainable agriculture.

The Trust will be holding meetings during the next few months to gather input from the community for future uses of the property.

A joint VCHT and Muncipality event  is  scheduled for  April 17th at 3 pm at  Escuela Barbosa.  Please join us for a tour.


To see Executive Director, Lirio’s Marquez D’Acunti’s presentation of the project, go to the following links

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This link will be live until April 28, 2012.

Funds for renovations of Escuela Barbosa will be separate from the Trust’s regular budget