Escuela Barbosa Casa Abierta

Escuela Barbosa Sign

The Municipality of Vieques has signed a usufruct agreement with the Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust transferring the use of the abandoned school ‘Escuela Barbosa’ to the Trust.  The site will house an electronic library, and will provide informal training for children and adults. It will … [Read more...]

Presentacion Escuela Barbosa


To see Executive Director, Lirio’s Marquez D’Acunti’s presentation of the project, go to the following link: Presentación_Escuela Barbosa v3   … [Read more...]

Escuela Barbosa

The Trust has recently signed a usufruct agreement with the Municipality of Vieques giving VCHT the use of the Escuela Barbosa — an unused school property in Puerto Real.  Escuela Barbosa is ideal for the kind of work the Trust does i.e. education. Escuela Barbosa will make it possible to expand … [Read more...]