Signs Agreement with UNINI/ Firma Convenio con UNINI

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Left: Dr. José Enrique Valentín Mercado, Rector of the International University Iberoamerican, UNINI Center: Lirio Márquez D'Acunti, Executive Director of Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust Right: Dr. María del Carmen Rivera Rivas, Dean of Student Affairs UNINI, representing the … [Read more...]

A Pollution Fight Powered by Bioluminescent Sea Creatures –


Science Illuminating the Perils of Pollution, Nature’s Way By ERIK OLSEN Published: December 19, 2011 Edith Widder has spent a career studying sea creatures with the ability to make light — bioluminescence. Now she is using the phenomenon to fight pollution. Click here to read this article: … [Read more...]

Puerto Ferro Man Archeological Site

Puerto Ferro Man Archeological Site

Archaeologist Luis Chanlatte, Center for Archaeological Investigation at UPR/Río Piedras, will be with us at the Puerto Ferro Man Archaeological Site this Saturday to speak about the cultural and scientific importance of the findings at this place. In 1991, Chanlatte and colleague, Arq. Yvonne … [Read more...]

Endangered Puerto Rican parrot on the rise

Puerto Rican Parrot

SATURDAY JUN 25, 2011 13:08 ET Endangered Puerto Rican parrot on the rise BY BEN FOX, ASSOCIATED PRESS Deep amid the dense greenery of a rain forest, down an unmarked road, behind a barbed wire fence in a low-slung compound monitored by security cameras, government scientists are … [Read more...]

Celebran la Biodiversidad en El Yunque

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Celebran la biodiversidad en El Yunque La cotorra boricua fue la protagonista del evento familia Por Ileana Delgado Castro / “¡Es hermosa!”. Esa fue una de las exclamaciones que más se escuchó ayer entre los visitantes que acudieron a ver la cotorra … [Read more...]

Traerá Al Gore a la Isla su ‘verdad inconveniente’

Traerá Al Gore a la Isla su ‘verdad inconveniente’ Written by Aura N. Alfaro Monday, 18 December 2006 07:43 Por Aura N. Alfaro / aalfaro@elnuevodia.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it <mailto: … [Read more...]