Inaguration of Ecological Park of La Ceiba tree of Vieques

Enjoy some of the photos from the Inaguration of the Ecological Park of La Ceiba tree.

Bonsai at the Trust!!

Come and see our beautiful Bonsai.

A little history of the Bonsai:

Bonsai tree has long and ancient history. As with most of the oriental arts, bonsai originated in China and then spread eastwards to Japan via Korea. The knowledge was spread by Buddhist monks. From ancient manuscripts and paintings, we know that artistic pot plants were begin cultivated by the Chinese around 600AD, but some scholars think that bonsai, or at least potted plants, were being grown in China as far back as 500 or even 1,000BC. Bonsai tree first appeared in Japan during the 12th century.

Having a Bonsai at home or at work is a symbol of beauty, peace and tranquility.