Mantastic Snorkeling 2014

Check out what Ari Tobias, one of our Mantastic students, has to say about an incredible find on one of our snorkeling expeditions! Ver lo que Ari Tobias, uno de nuestros estudiantes de Mantastic, dice sobre una sorpresa que vio durante snorkeling! Ari Tobias's Wildlife Report / Un reportaje … [Read more...] Mark Martin reports on the Biobay status on a very windy but GLOWING evening! … [Read more...]

Video Update on the BioBay Status

Mark Martin reports on the BioBay status. … [Read more...]

Lion Fish Hunting

Check out the Trust's very own, Mark Martin, discussing invasive lion fish in Vieques, Puerto Rico! Lion Fish Hunting   … [Read more...]

Leatherback Sea Turtle Nesting in Vieques

Leatherback Turtle Nesting in Daylight on Vieques - Very Rare!   … [Read more...]

Vieques Lionfish at VCHT/ Pez Leon en el Fideicomiso de Conservacion en Vieques Un Pez Leon capturado en el muelle de la esperanza en Vieques Abril 2010. En Exhibicion en el acuario deel Fideicomiso de Conservacion e Historia de Vieques. A lionfish captured in the Esperanza pier in … [Read more...]

Video: MiniMANTA 2009

Programa de verano Mini M.A.N.T.A. 2009 auspiciado por el Fideicomiso de Conservación e Historia de Vieques.         … [Read more...]

Vuela como un aguila hacia al mar * Fly like an eagle to the sea

  Vuela como un aguila hacia al mar * Fly like an eagle to the sea 01:09 - 2 years ago Mark Martin Bras, Eliu Parrilla y Ivelisse johnson en el area de Esperanza en Vieques, Puerto Rico soltando un Aguila de Mar recuperada. Mark Martin Bras, Eliu Parrilla and Ivelisse johnson in the … [Read more...]

San Pedrito Native Bird of Puerto Rico

san pedrito 00:17 - 3 years ago native bird of Puerto Rico … [Read more...]


VCHT-the-gathering 04:00 - 4 years ago The Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust gathers sea creatures for display in their Marine Life tanks and lectures. The Trust Museum is located on the boardwalk in the fishing village of Esperanza embed> Chasing fish and other creatures around … [Read more...]