History & Culture Museum


Vieques is rich in archeological and historical sites. Conservation of our historical patrimony is one of main concerns. Our island played an important role in the era of her first settlers.


Our small museum at the VCHT includes artifacts from the pre-ceramic period (3,000 B.C.E). The oldest inhabitants of the Antilles had a very rudimentary culture and are called Archaeic Indians. They were semi/nomadic and lived by collecting mollusks and crustaceans by fishing, hunting, gathering fruits and wild roots.




The Taíno Culture (600 B.C.E – 1492 A.D.) exhibition area displays musical shell wristlets, zoomorphic decorations, a ritual mask, religious symbols and cylindric beads for body decorations. Many of these utilitarian artifacts are on exhibit at the VCHT museum.

Grinding stones and axes, although along with cutting instruments made from shell fragments and flint chips, are exhibited.

From Sorcé (La Hueca) on Vieques (35 A.D. – 490 A.D.) fragments of vases have been found. The women’s pottery workshop on Vieques has made replicas of the Taíno Indian bowls. Community antiques have been donated by the older residents of Vieques. A beautiful Indian metal sculpture donated by the late artist and resident of Vieques, Terry Price, is in the museum.

Museum hours – Tuesday thru Sunday, 11am – 4pm