VCHT Garden

The Garden Committee of the VCHT is responsible for developing a very interesting garden to the west of the main Trust building.  Using a variety of plant material, much of it commonly found in Vieques, the committee designed the garden as not only a pleasant place to spend some time, but also a way of helping visitors learn about plants in a sub-tropical island.

It is a story of transformation  — eliminating a dark, dingy, unused space and creating a more natural traffic flow; creating a green oasis that feeds senses and spirit; offers meeting space for MANTA programs; illustrates shade gardening and the beauty of texture and shades of green instead of flowers; presents demo plots for water gardening, water collection and ground cover; invites future opportunities for teaching.

The garden calls out to volunteers to continue the care and feeding of this wonderful space, as well as moving on to the “backyard”.

A few comments from visitors say a lot: “Hey Anne, come in here. This will de-stress you. ” “Oh, I could live here” “I told my sister this plant existed. She didn’t believe me.” “My Father was an professor of agriculture. He would have loved this.”

Volunteers who would like work on the garden are encouraged to join the Committee, chaired by Nancy Mickelson.  Contact the Trust for more information. 787 741 8850