VCHT Internship Program

Vieques Conservation & Historical Trust

Wellesley College Internship

VCHT Internship Coordinator

Mark P. Martin Bras



The Wellesley College Internship at the VCHT is in is seventh session and has proved to be a great success for both institutions. The students gain experience in a real world situation while actually helping the host organization by contributing to its development.

The internship was founded and made possible by the generosity and vision of the Littleford family who have been part of both organizations and recognized the opportunity to unite them for this project. Since then the Wellesley students that have visited Vieques have been a noticeable piece of our growing nonprofit organization. The interns have been able to use and develop their skills in situations that require independent thinking, problem solving, multi-tasking and self-involvement to help us achieve our goals.

The undergraduate students have been active participants in scientific research projects, members of the marine Life exhibit collection team and have created educational presentations for the local school system. They have made considerable contributions to the museum and aquarium exhibits and have interacted with MANTA students in our award winning programs. Over the years the students that have visited us from Wellesley have become a welcomed part of the VCHT family.