MANTA Youth Education Program



Meaning of MANTA : Movimiento en Apoyo a Nuestros Tesoros Ambientales

English translation: Movement in Support of our Environmental Treasures



To create an educational experience where participants learn about the history, conservation and protection of the natural, environmental resources of Vieques and potential economic growth areas in the community. This will be achieved through a range of hands-on and interactive activities that include:  research, assessment, analysis, and peer group/community motivation.


To provide participants with the tools and leadership skills necessary to raise awareness in the above mentioned areas amongst themselves, their peer group, and the various Vieques communities.

To provide young leaders of Vieques with a fun and structured summer program, a new home for learning which includes a lab, marine life aquariums, computers and research center.

The 2010 program is funded by a grant from the Alfond Foundation through the Puerto Rico Community Foundation; a grant from the Neu Family Foundation and many donations from members and friends of the VCHT and Viequenses


Record daily program activities:

The creation of a day-to-day video journal will document group interaction, and track individual growth and learning curves in areas of conservation and environmental preservation.  Emphasis will be on individual oral histories and experiences within the VCHT Summer Program.  The entire team will create this journal as part of the team’s VCHT Summer Program legacy.

Understanding Bioluminescence

In this activity, participants will learn to understand the science of bioluminescence; how to do scientific tests in Puerto Mosquito; understanding the threats to the Bay through human activities

Recognizing the unique flora found in Vieques:

Participants will tap into their artistic talents and create signs to label two dozen different trees specimens found in Vieques as part of the VCHT effort to create a route that identifies trees throughout the island.

Recognizing the various Vieques eco-systems:

Participants will visit the National Wildlife Refuge, Monte Pirata, PUerto Mosquito and Kianí Lagoon to study and learn about their unique eco-systems.

Recognizing the relationship of Vieques eco-systems within the context of a global eco-system:

Participants will make day trips to the main island of Puerto Rico to visit a number of locations of environmental interest.

Information:  Please call the VCHT at 787 741 8850 or Lirio Marquez at 787 4486385 Leaders:

Lirio Márquez D’Acunti – Executive Director

Brendymar E. Cruz Torres – Director of Education
Mark Martin – Director of Community Relations

EPA has also awarded a $36,514 grant to the Vieques Conservation & Historical Trust for its environmental education program MANTA Sabado (Moviemento en Apoyo a Nuestros Tesoros Ambientales, or Movement in Support of Our Environmental Treasures).

The program provides 50 students the chance to learn about Mosquito Bay through interactive classroom activities, lectures from local experts and field work. Participating students will organize and conduct a public meeting that focuses on stewardship plans to reduce pollution that affects Mosquito Bay.