VCHT Publications

Publication List

  • Bernache-Baker, Dr. Barbara. The Bioluminescent Bays of Vieques. VCHT. Rev.1995.  $5.00*
  • Bernache-Baker, Dr. Barbara. Bahías Bioluminescentes de Vieques. VCHT. $5.00*
  • Bernache-Baker, Dr. Barbara.  The Mangrove Forests of Vieques. VCHT. 1993. $5.00*
  • Gemmill, Daphne. Checklist of Birds of Vieques Puerto Rico. VCHT. 2008.*
  • Langhorne, Elizabeth.  Vieques. History of a Small Island $12.00*
  • Ventanas al Mar/Windows into the Sea. Ed. Mark Martin Bras.  (With Funding from NOAA.) Impressions Associates. 2006
  • VCHT. Flora Y Fauna Común en las Costas de Vieques/ Common Coastal Flora and Fauna of Vieques, 1st edition, ed.  Rosemary Boyle; trans. Oscar Diaz; 2nd edition ed. Catherine Airey, Anaconda Press, 2008. $12.00*


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