VCHT relies on donations to fund its operations and programs. We depend on your donations, to deliver the programs and services that are of critical importance to the community. Even small donations mean a lot, for example, a $50 donation buys a subscription to National Geographic for a year.

100% of the funds raised from donors goes to programs and services. None is spent on fundraising fees or services.

Ways to donate:

  • through the website with PayPal or your credit card
  • by calling the Trust and paying by credit card
  • by check to VCHT, Calle Flamboyan 138, Vieques PR 00765
  • by cash donations at the Trust
  • by donations of stock to our account at UBS. (For details please contact the Trust)

Specify the program that interests you:

  • General Fund (funds are used wherever needed most
  • Salaries Fund (for our staff salaries and benefits)
  • Education Fund (to fund our education programs)
  • Scholarship Fund (to support our scholarship program)

Unless donors direct their contributions to a specific fund, the donation will be added to our General Fund.  The Funds are not comingled  — they are reserved for the specific purpose of each Fund.

Here are examples of what your donation means to us.

A donation of

  • $250 supports one child for a week of the MANTASTIC Adventure program
  • $500 supports one child in the MANTA programs for two weeks
  • $100 buys two sets of new snorkeling equipment
  • $1000 supports one scholarship winner for one year at university
  • $30 pays our water bill for one month
  • $25 pays for paint to help maintain the building

To aid in processing your donation, please download and complete our

Pledge Form 2013

Please return the completed form to:


Calle Flamboyan # 138
Vieques, PR 00765
Tel: 787-741-8850
FAX: 787-741-2844